Learn to Swim

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Group Lessons: $89 for 8, 30-minute lessons
Private Lessons: $249 for 8, 30-minute lessons
For more information please call 1.831.758.7301 or e-mail:

Why take our lessons  "The only lesson that can save your child’s life!"

The MCAT Swim Lesson Program is a learn-to-swim program that focuses on teaching water safety skills, as well as, proper swimming technique. 

The answer is quality.

*Quality Program: SwimAmerica is the only learn-to-swim program endorsed by the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA).  The  program itself was developed by ASCA and is continually refined and updated by a panel of expert coaches.

*Quality Instruction: All SwimAmerica and MCAT-SVA coaches are fully trained and certified by ASCA.

*Quality Results: Children learn how to REALLY swim.  No more doggie paddle. SwimAmerica defines a swimmer as someone who can continuously swim 300 yds of freestyle.  No one is ever drown-proof, but the ability to swim 300yds demonstrates a proficiency in the water that can and has saved lives.  Proficiency leads to achievement, self-confidence, and the enjoyment of life.  SwimAmerica teaches the skills necessary for a lifetime of SAFETY, FUN, and FITNESS in the water!


Swim America Stations

The program is taught in 10 stations.  Every student progresses at his/her own rate, independent from other students? development. 

Stations 1 and 2

In these stations, children become comfortable in the water, learn proper breathing, as well as, floating and gliding on their front and back,

Stations 3 and 4

In these stations, children learn to properly kick on their front and back, and roll over from front to back without support.  These skills are the foundations for proper swimming technique and water safety.  They will also begin to learn the front crawl, or freestyle, stroke.

Stations 5 and 6

In these stations, children continue to develop their freestyle, progressing from swimming 20ft. without breathing to 50yds breathing to each side.  Children also learn backstroke and treading water, as well as other technique drills and water safety skills.

Stations 7, 8, 9, and 10

Once a child has graduated from Station 6 and is able to swim 50yds freestyle and 25yds backstroke, he or she is ready to join the Novice Group of the Monterey County Aquatic Team-Salinas Valley Aquatics (MCAT-SVA).  Stations 7-10 are taught as part of this group.  Children learn butterfly and breaststroke, build endurance in freestyle and backstroke, and learn starts and turns used in competitive swimming.

After completing Station 10, swimmers will be well-prepared to join the MCAT-SVA Age Group swim team.


Please contact our office to schedule a lesson or tryout 831-758-7301 or sign up for our lessons online.